Have you ever seen someone draw a boy's face from the word boy?  Or a girl from the word girl?  Maybe you've done it yourself.

Well, that's what I do.  At Boy Girl Stuff, I draw cartoon faces from words!  And it's lots of fun.

Yes, all of the characters are drawn by one person, and that's me - Denise Wilson, founder and owner of Boy Girl Stuff.  That's why all of the characters look so... unique :)  That's right.  I'm not your typical artist, but my characters definitely have personality.

How did I come up with the idea for Boy Girl Stuff?  Well, I was just hanging out one day deciding what I wanted to do with my life.  No biggie.  I knew I wanted to work for myself.  Then suddenly, really out of the blue, I remembered drawing a boy from the word boy when I was a kid.  I got the urge to draw the boy again, to see if I remembered how to do it.  It was a little iffy but cute.  The girl was too tricky for me when I was a kid.  I tried drawing her next.  She still was a bit tricky for me as an adult.  I had to try several times before I got her right.

Then a flood gate of images started filling my head, many different characters from different words.  And I started drawing them.  I drew dozens of different characters.  Finally, I built up the courage to show them to family and friends and they loved them!  Some of them even remembered drawing the boy.

I then thought, well, if they like them other people might too.  So, I refined the characters and chose several to imprint on t-shirts and other products and sold them at some local markets in Los Angeles.  The response was amazing!  People were even buying products for family who lived out of town.  Then I knew it was time to have a website built, to expand Boy Girl Stuff's reach so more people could find my characters.

And now, here we are!  Just like with the local markets, I've had to pick some characters - I chose 6 - to start out, from the dozens I've drawn.  It really was hard because I love them all, and can't wait to share them with you.  But, to introduce you to the characters, I chose boy/girl pairs, different ages and ethnicities.  They are all part of the Original Collection.  I will be releasing other collections soon.  I can tell you, you won't be seeing anything quite like them anywhere.  

Now that you know how Boy Girl Stuff was started, please take some time to meet the characters, check out our products and tell your family and friends about us.  Thanks :)  

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