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Do you remember when you used to draw a boy using the word boy? Well, that’s exactly what Boy Girl Stuff is all about. We draw faces using words like boy and girl, and imprint those drawings on everyday products like t-shirts, phone cases, coffee mugs, key chains, and more! We have more than just boys and girls though. We also have moms, dads, dogs, cats, aliens—you get the idea. But, we call our company “Boy Girl Stuff” because the first characters we ever drew were a boy and a girl.

Our Characters

Simplicity in our drawings was the key since we couldn’t draw much more than stick people. Our first sketches were primitive to say the least.


                                                                   Original Boy Sketch                Original Girl Sketch


But, the more we practiced, the better they started to look.



                                                                         Original Boy                  Original Girl


After refining the boy and girl, we decided to try drawing other characters from different words like mom, dad, dog and cat, and from names like Pat and Bob. We even used Spanish words like niño, niña, perro and gato, and Spanish names like Ana and Eva. The ideas kept coming, and we kept drawing. As we went along, our drawings became more refined and were now more than just faces. They actually had personalities!

After a while, we had so many characters and they turned out so well, we decided to show them to family and friends. They loved them! Our characters seemed to have the same effect on everyone—they made them smile. Everyone also had fun picking out the words in the faces. Then we thought, “Hey, why not show our characters to more people?” So, we started imprinting them on mugs, t-shirts, iPhone and iPad covers, pet clothing, and anything else we could put them on. Then, we decided to start this website so we could bring our Boy Girl Stuff line of products to you. Thus, Boy Girl Stuff was born!

We’re always coming up with new ideas, new characters, new variations on characters, and new products, so come back often to see what’s new at BoyGirlStuff.com. We hope when you look at our characters they make you smile :-).

Alter Egos Coming Soon